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The day has come.....

There are many "first's" in life. Some matter more than others, and some just bring you to a new level. Concerning music, and by music I mean performing the songs I've written & not shared for 10+ years, I come to a very important & life-changing moment in my life.

August 22nd I will begin to record my first Album. This is vastly different than doing multitrack recordings in my project studio. I'm handing over the production & recording reigns to the lead engineer.

There is a strange peace I feel that races with excitement as I have prepared my whole life for this. I feel as if I'm in the Olympics... But the best part is that I've already been rewarded for the work I have yet to record.

You see, at 41 years young, I am just beginning a lot of new things. I am finally comfortable with myself and my abilities, and can honestly say that I am truly ready to share the songs of my past, & those written recently.

This confidence has nothing to do with me, or what I've been able to do. If it was up to me, I would still be hiding in my shell, longing to break free. But God......

But God has placed the right amount of folks in my life who love me for me, & can see things that I cannot.

In 5 days, history will be made. And then the World will hear. I hope it blesses you as well, dear Reader.

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