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Moments of Creativity

4:38 am... This is my moment. I am aware that life is too short & is full of twists & changes: some I am prepared for, while others seem to sneak up.

The Creative life I try to surround myself with also changes like the wind.... It may storm in a corner, hail in another or be dry as a desert afterwards.

I want to write a better song, play an instrument more skillfully, learn that new Photoshop gadget , try out my hand with video editing, & snap a memorable photograph I can be proud of.

But life comes and goes... Days exchange themselves into new months, & then before you know it, a new yet familiar season is upon us.

What have I done with my time?

What is most important to me?

Why do I desire to do it all, yet struggle to complete one thing?

I hope that when my last days are spent here on earth that somehow I will have made a positive impact & encouraged others to begin young to follow their dreams.

What are my goals in life?

They have yet to be refined.........

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