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Life Changes

Getting to know myself is a fun & terrifying act. On one hand, I've learned to laugh a bit more at things where I once would cry, while others I'm still confused about.

Dreams realized, the steps close at hand, I trudge through each day dealing with life & their daily obligations. Some, I lay my head down at night and think, " wow, today was full of great outcomes. " but most days, I long for an environment to create art on many levels & forms.

What is creativity? To me, it's a freedom to flow with a song as it shows you it's flight pattern. It's a surprise and awakening of a lyric or melody. It's also finding a piece from years ago, and which brings back that same feeling.

The struggle between being bound by time & paycheck responsibilities, and the Heavenly freedom to explore a realm which few dare to, is the conundrum I face today.

But rest assured: there will never be a day I give up from the gifts I've been given to yearn to live the way I believe I was made for.

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