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An Awakening...

To awaken, you must have determined that you were asleep or some other form of being hypnotized or have been sleeping. Metaphorically speaking, some aspects of my life have now awakened to the point of realizing this statement.

So which am I to prefer? The new or the former? And if the new, then the direction of the new & it's foundation entirely . Music has changed drastically from the constant gigging & practice, almost to a screeching halt. The Beard was shaved off, begun to grow again, then augmented into it's new form. Hmmmmm... A new form. A new 9-5 job at less pay, is still the thing I get to do between recording and photography sessions. It is a necessary thing for food to appear on the table and keep creditors at bay.

Awakened? Outlook. Focus. And a new chapter in this ever-changing book that's writing itself. I get to catch up with my own life here to try and make some sense of the Awakenings. New music is being written, new musical bonds are being forged by fire & somehow in the midst of all this I find... Hope. Just a glimmer now..., don't believe for a second that I'm soaring on cloud 10. But as we speak, shhhhhhhhh..... Listen closely: there..... coming.

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