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Creativity: part 1

I've seen my creative journey evolve through the years as I've taken steps to challenge the potential of artistry. From humble beginnings with a snare drum sitting in front of the stereo tapping to the beat, to an elaborately mic'd set-up in the studio or stage... A Karaoke dual cassette tape deck which multi tracked generations of hisssss to a full fledged industry standard Pro Tools digital Recording Studio... I've seen my passion grow and dedication increase the more I allowed the time. I've always thought nothing could even rival this passion for any type of hobby or job, but just as creativeness evolves, I've proven there is another medium of expression that I could fully enjoy besides music: and that is Photography. Since stepping into the semi professional realm (by industry standards) our purchase of a Canon T2i & 55-250 zoom lens has allowed the visions I see to be captured fairly effortlessly. A quality snapshot of an event in time can have an impact on the viewer for a lifetime. And oddly enough, I prefer capturing these photos in Black & white. There is a sort of timelessness and innocence about the "feel" of B & W... I look forward to each creative possibility and capturing the moments of life.

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