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Reality on Paper

I heard a long time ago that a dream or vision isn't real until you write it down. Until then, it floats around as an idea and stays just out of touch. Most of my life has been lived this way: drifting... Desiring...waiting...and some other similar type procrastinating words. As I will celebrate my 39th birthday tomorrow, I'm reminded of a few facts: 1. I'm not as young as I think I still am, and 2. I'm not that old as if to give up on these dreams of mine In fact, I'm closer to them now than I've ever been and I believe it's because of my age that I'm getting to honestly know the real me: not the one up on stage, or the one at work, but the one here right now that's typing this & desiring to live a fuller, more fulfilling life. I can't regret the years I feel I wasted trying to be somebody I thought I had to be... But I can take today, and appreciate those around me for who they are, and love them unconditionally. Most importantly, I can see that the creative side of me seems to be stirring in a new and interesting way. I feel as if I haven't even scratched the creative surface to let the real me out. I wonder what it will look like/sound like/ be like? I know we all have influences, & semi limitations with each of our crafts. But within who we are, & what we know right now, we can create something unique to this moment that will forever be different at a later time. But like a photograph, each song could tell a story of who I am and what I deal with today. If the world ever gets to see and hear of these things, I hope the creative flow of life is shared & hopefully appreciated in a way that adds movement to life. Be happy and share your life with someone.

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